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Wireless Transmissions of the Divine, Phase II

2-Fabricated Holy Water Batteries (Iron Nail, Acrylic Polymer, Cooper Wire, Poplar, Glass Vessel)

520 lbs. of soil, 2-33x18x18" Pedestals, 6-6500K Fluorescent Bulbs, 6-3000K Fluorescent Bulbs, 12x6' Rectangle White, 12x6' Rectangle Black, 30x20" Space.


Phase II 

The idea of free will has been bantered around throughout philosophical history. It can be assumed that the individual has the ability to make moral/ethical decisions based on their own judgment. This ability can create a positive or negative manifestation within the self or the community. There can be a sense of danger in relation to the use of free will. Ionized water reacts with two isolated metals creating an action completing the circuit. An open circuit is dangerous without the last aspect of the reaction, the ground. The vessels contain the charge and store the reaction, while ungrounded, the reactions are continuous. Free will unground can be chaotic to the self, society and environment if left ungrounded. 

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